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Feral Cats

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Hey i hear that something like 23 species of birds went endangered because of stray/feral cats also i see dead grouse rabbit and squirrel all over because of them and i see them all the time when i don't have a way to harvest them can someone tell me how i would go about taking care of this problem?
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Shoot/trap the feral cats?

P.S. - It would be so much easier to read your posts if you used punctuation.
The issue with feral cats is that they reproduce rather quickly. The best method is to poison them; using regular weather guarded cat food feeders. This will help kill off litters as well. However, I don't condone or recommend this, I'm just providing you with a method to eradicate them. Your state, county and city will most definitively have laws preventing this and you will be breaking the law.
About 3 years ago I had a terrible problem with wild cats. All I can say is I took care of the problem and I didn't like doing it. Today the neighborhood is still fairly clean of stray cats. My vet, who I went to school with, said the same thing just take care of it.
don't have many wild cats here & not much of a cat person myself although we have one
used to say cats are like Bic lighters when they junk out for almost nothing you just replace it with another one
would much rather have a feral hogs then cats at least you can eat the hogs
use good judgement. I dont have a cat problem around my place. Haven't seen one on my property since the day after one scratched my dog. (22lr)
if you live in the woods they're nice to have around b/c they take care of the mice. my father-in-law hates them with passion, but keeps them around b/c he hasn't had a mouse in his old house in 30+ years. It's funny b/c every year or so there is a change over and new cats will show up and the old ones will either die or get killed by the TOM.
Tator I am more of a Jeff Foxworthy guy I LOVE cats got on mounted on each side of the fireplace
Had a few that used to live around my place, good target practice...
Keep the M1 Carbine's magazine loaded just for that purpose - varmints/feral cats/etc.
about a week ago i took care of a feral cat problem at my uncles ranch. i used my 22 cal air rifle to do the 5 hours i "removed"32 cats. they hadn't been a problem until the started eating the chickens.but they really crossed the line when they killed my uncles chihuahua and ate him.a 16 grn hollow point to the ear at 60 yards dropped em with ease.
Those numbers are AMAZING!!! And the feral cats around here seem to have been taken care of by the foxes that have moved in... Now the fox are eating all my rabbits and squirrels haha one problem solved only to have another one take it's place :ranting:
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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