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favorite quotes

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is it right to quote yourself? if it is this maybe one of my favorite thoughts about mature deer.

" sometimes think the old ones aren't even deer but some creature that has eyes like a spider crossed with a Hubble telescope, a lateral line like a fish to pick the slightest silent movement, a photographic memory, and the nose of 10 elephants. oh and did i mention the crystal ball to be able to tell what you are going to do next? well, they got them too." r.niles
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holy crap ronn, can you send me some of that stuff, reminds me of some mushrooms many years ago, gave me the same kind of thoughts:lol:!
Ok I admit that I remember that too. Man I'm older than dirt! lol

" he's an old hippie......."
Drugs and hunting mature deer = not healthy! :unsure:
HM chases those little purple elephants around the woods! haha

Be careful Mr.Tator, you have paid me back! :sad:
Be careful Mr.Tator, you have paid me back! :sad:

I would to strike that last comment made by myself... :ph34r:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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