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F/S Royal Borealis rechargeable 1150 lumens

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Hi guys,
I have a NEW Royal Borealis in silver plated with a stainless steel low profile crenelated bezel and quick detach swivel.
Valued at $418
for $350 shipped

Includes charger.

This is the beamshot at 30 yards with a Maglite 2D

This is with the Royal Borealis 1150 lumens

$350 shipped
charger included, the light is NEW

e-mail me at

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Attention Watchmaker

Attention Watchmaker !!!

The DeerHuntersClub has a Forum for product "Manufacturers"

If you manufacture any type of hunting related product you can advertise it in the Forum titled, "Hunting Manufacturers Area" for FREE!

You do not need to Saturate our Classified forum with Duplicate advertisements of your wares.

If you continue this practice you will be banned from the site.

Thank you for your cooperation

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