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eye dominance advice?

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I have been hunting with a shotgun for years and am thinking of getting back into bow hunting. I have been shooting right handed since I was a kid but I am left eye dominant. Is it worth it to get a lefty bow or just keep going with what I have?
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Check with your Optometrist, he should be able to give you the best advice based on your situation.
He may tell you to keep doing what you're doing or he may explain why it would be best to switch.
Good Luck
i too am right handed and left eye dominant. never bothered me when bow hunting. hand guns are a whole different ball game though.
a bow set up with a rear peep and and front sight you can just close one eye, problem resolved, just remember which one should be closed. You could put a patch over it but then you might be inclined to look for treasures instead of game animals.:w00t:
roger raglin shoots a rifle lefty and a bow right handed. just the way he learned. find what works for you and run with it. keep in mind it is most times easier to get right handed stuff. that and what hm said close your dominate eye.
I'm left eye dominant but have always shot a right handed bow. Whenever I pick up a left handed bow it just feels weird. Being left eye dominant but shooting a right handed bow really isn't a problem for me.
This is how you can tell which eye is your Dominant eye...

try this at home, with your hand out in front of your eyes point to an object about 10 to 12 feet away
looking at it with both eyes keeping your finger pointed at the object
now close your left eye and open it
then close your right eye an open it.
Your dominant eye is the Eye that stayed on target....
Its good to hear that theres others out there like me. I am right handed but left eye dominant. I shoot both guns and my bow left handed. I started out doing this so its always been natural. A right handed bow feels awkward to me. If I think about it, I can shoot a gun right handed, however in the moment of truth this past season I didn't line something up and missed a deer I was trying to shoot righty with rifle sights. I think that what ever way your choose to shoot you can become proficient with practice. I would choose to go lefty, its seems like it would be more natural and second nature.
i practice shooting my shotgun left handed (weak hand) mainly for turkey hunting. i have and do shoot lefty with the rifle just for grins.
I have the same problem (right handed left eye dominant) never been a problem for me as long as I close my left eye. I can shoot long guns either way but hand guns are a different thing I think it is the longer eye relief that comes with the way you shoot a pistol. If I do not make a conscious effort when shooting a handgun the left eye will automatically take over it seems to be a bigger problem with a scoped handgun. I think using a peep on a bow makes it easier for me to overcome the problem. It is good to know that others out there have the same issues.
i guess im lucky. iam right eye dominant and shoot right handed. although i have shot left handed befor with a buddies bow. couldnt hit nothing.
cant help ya here. Im right handed right eye domminant but it doesn't matter, rifle, bow, shotgun, pistol......I shoot with both eyes open can shoot either one, either handed equally well. I am probably alone on that one
I have the same problem but i have never tried shooting left handed, but a guy i know shot right handed for 30 YEARS just switched and he said it was the best thing he ever did to increase his accuracy. I would say borrow a bow and give it a try before you buy.
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