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Extreme Huntress

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Hi everyone! I just wanted to let you know that I won the contest and I wanted to thank you all so much for your votes!!! I have had a lot of fun getting to know people on all the forums I joined to get the word out there about the contest. I spoke to Tom Opre today and he said I will be introduced at the SHOT show in Las Vegas on January 19, and then my hunt in British Columbia will take place in September. They will let me know at that time when it will be aired on the Versus channel. Anyway, I am so so excited, I really never dreamed I would win when I entered my essay...and I can't believe I did! Thank you so so much you guys!!!! :smile:
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That is so awesome!!!!! Congratulations Miss Extreme Huntress. Don't forget about us here. We want to see more pics of your hunts and hear the stories.
congrats on your win and good luck.
Congratulations! Best wishes to you always on all of your your hunts.
Please keep us posted with dates and times your show will be aired.
Don't forget to visit us here at the deer hunters club from time to time,
It would be a real pleasure to hear about all of your wild game adventures.
Happy Safe Hunting! :thumbup:
Well said above me..

Congrats on the win..
congrats dont forget to plug the forum in your acceptance speech:thumbup::yes:
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