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Explosive Energy drink reviewers

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Ok fellows here is a product for your review.

Here is an article describing the product taken from Tom Patire's Body Guard Technology Explosive Energy

"In my line of work failure isn’t an option, because failure isn’t measured in performance. Failure puts my client and team members’ lives at stake. And, the root cause of failure is often fatigue. Fatigue wreaks havoc with your command center – your brain. It short-circuits the neurotransmitters that speed information, and trigger lightening speed response. Fatigue detonates the wiring that coordinates the brain with your optical nerves and muscles. Situational Awareness, upon which you depend for survival, just goes bonkers.

Fatigue is never, ever acceptable, no matter how extreme the duress. You can never let your brain beg for energy. Your command center relies on you to keep it turbocharged. Real life examples - You’re in an observer’s position frying in the 110 degree heat that sucks moisture till your skin feels like desert sand – keep that command center on full throttle. Flash-bulbs are popping, cameramen everywhere, obsessed fans screaming, all your senses are stretched beyond emergency alert – but you have to keep that command center on full throttle. Never letting fatigue jam your system.

How do you obliterate fatigue when your body just went through a grueling 18 hour no shut-eye front-line operation? You grab a bottle of Tom Patire’s Body Guard Technology Explosive Energy. In seconds your command center gets a high-voltage blast of natural, energy fuel. Neurotransmitters race through the brain circuitry in minutes helping restore the internal wiring for full Situation Awareness the dramatic swiftness of your thinking, perception, response time is truly awesome. Explosive Energy is a knock-out blow to fatigue blasting your brain with an energy punch that will keep it working at its max for hours and hours.

I combined my background in Nutrition with my in the trenches experience to develop the Explosive Energy formula. Explosive Energy is made from only top grade, carefully selected ingredients specially formulated to power lift your brain and body from sluggishness to revved up performance. And, to keep it revved up, naturally, for hours and hours.

There’s no artificial boost with chemicals or sugar. No tongue curling after-taste. No bang your head against the wall side effects. No jitters, no headaches, no upset stomach, like with many of the other so called energy supplements Tom Patire’s Body-Guard Technology Explosive Energy wasn’t developed falsely stimulate the body. I created it for the real world where command center fatigue can lead to scenarios too ugly to contemplate. It’s for front-line professionals who are highly skilled, highly trained, highly experience – and demand a brain and body energy fuel that exceeds their high qualifications.

Don’t let fatigue detonate your road to success. Make sure failure isn’t an option in your life. Keep your command center brain at full throttle. Always have a bottle of Tom Patire’s Body Guard Technology Explosive Energy handy!"

Send me your name and mailing address via private message or email it to me at [email protected]

You get the product free. You just need to fill out an online review on of your thoughts of the product after you try it.
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Can't wait to get my "sample", too!!!
10-4!! I figured you were at the age of slowing down.. Not needing more energy.. :pickle: RETIRE :yes:
OK, Im game. PM sent.

I just realizes "Im game" is not the best choice of words for a site like this.
I just realizes "Im game" is not the best choice of words for a site like this.
WMI prob already is camoed out and sitting outside of your house!! :biggrin:
All the energy drinks have been claimed. Shipped them this morning. Each of you should see them before this weekend.
Mine came in the mail today. I'll chug it at 8am at work and will have a review posted later on in the day. Feels like a kid with a new toy. Can't wait!!!!! Thanks a bunch Buck!!!!!
Please post your reviews here ------------->

You can get to that page and review any item you want if you simply click on the hunting gear tab at the top of the page..
Thx Buckfever,

Nothing today, probably saturday.
Tonight would have been a good day to try it, was really dragging when I got home from work.
ya i had not got mine as of yesterday. i hope its in the mail box today. bike week is fun, but its kicking my butt. i could realy use a good energy drink.
Mine showed up in the mail on Friday. Didn't get around to looking at the 'ingredients' until late. Then I noticed the very last ingredient -- Sucralose, an artificial sugar.

Sucralose and aspartaine both give me instant headaches. Something I've learned over the years is to avoid artificial sweeteners, or pay the consequences.

I'll see if anyone at work is willing to try the stuff, if not -- you want me to send it back???
No sir. I'm sure if your coworkers are like mine you will have no problem giving it away.
hears my review:
taist better than the 5 hr energy shots, but still not good. no shakes, or sudden burst of hyperactivity. i did notice at the end of my shift that i was not as tired as i should have been. i think this drink would be good for hunters an any one elce doing a physicly demanding task.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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