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I know some of you will be bowhunting soon just wondering what some goals are.personally i took a nice 8pt last yr would love to better that along with a couple of fat does.good luck to all
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i have different goals depending where i am. in pa its meat for the freezer. looks like i got 2 doe tags and the buck. 3 one side or better. in md well that depends on how pa goes, but if all goes well a mature buck. in nh i'd like to fill all 3 tags with the bow on 3.5 year old or better. keep wishing ronn. and of course have a good time.
I have 2 areas I will be hunting this year. 1 private lease and the other public land. I have pictures of 3 bucks that made it through the winter last year and I'd be happy to take one of those. That's what I'm shootin for anyway. All 3 are bigger than what I have taken in the past so I'm tryin to do a little better also (or alot better dependin on how they grow this year :biggrin:) The public ground is another story. If I can kill an ear width 8 pointer or better, then I have accomplished something. Hard hunting over there. Takin a new approach there and my expectations aren't real good, but we'll see.
This bow season I will be happy with just 1 doe. Working to many hours, am behind on alot of stuff. Will be thrilled with enough time to go to my honey hole and put a little meat up early.
That seems longer than ever.
I'm going to try this right now.
I plan to pick up my tags in a few weeks. I always get 4 tags to start, 2 doe and 2 either sex. this year there will be an additional set of tags in the field in another tree. making 6 all together. 1st and 3rd weekend in Oct I am concentrating on does only. the last weekend of Oct and the first 2 weekends in Nov I will be increasing the estrus and mock scrape activity. I am hoping the elusive Buck from last season somehow survived and stayed in the area.
My goal is fill 6 tags, that done and season to spare, go get a couple more.
:ibtl:man good to see everybodies getting ready.all my work is done stands etc.I have one setback on the 20th i go in for a 2 disc neck replacement so my biggest goal is to be ready by oct16th.Might have to drop some drae weight but whatever it takes.theyll have to kill to miss archery.
Last year I bagged my first deer with a bow (how exciting it was) sure it was a doe but still a trophy in my eyes maybe this year it will be a buck the prospects are looking good.
Last year I bagged my first deer with a bow (how exciting it was) sure it was a doe but still a trophy in my eyes maybe this year it will be a buck the prospects are looking good.
cool wishing you the best of luck
To get one more for the wall or 2, maybe 3. Considering how many got a free pass from last season this one should be a great one.:pickle:
Spiker, good luck on your neck surgery. I had the 5th & 6th done 3 years ago and well now the 4th is bad. You can expect fairly good pain for 3-4 days then slowly eases up. I'm still a bit weak on the right side but still hunting. Go slow on the re-hab, don't over do it. Best wishes for a great recovery.

As far as this years plans: same as the last 38 seasons, spend quality time with great friends pursuing bucks with bows, either/or with flintlock, hunting safe, getting in one more season with my son.
thanks hm,just gotta be ready by oct16 but if i have to with the bow ill wait till around nov3 usually are rut starting
I had my surgery on June 5th and bow hunted nov 3rd. I did drop my bow weight 5lbs.
u know hm i dont no whats BS but there telling me with the replacement theres really no rehab.Been told my throat will be sore from the tube and just not to lift anything heavy for 2 neck brace even.notice this they said lift i can still DRAG!
Spiker, my surgery most likely was different than yours will be. I had 2 disks removed and titanium plate & screws installed. I wish now I had tried something different instead of just locking up three disks and loosing 50% neck movement. As far as just a sore throat???? I was in in pretty good pain for a couple of days using their heavy meds, then slowly eased up. I hope they're correct an you will be in no major discomfort. I assume they are in-planting some sort of artificial disk product to maintain most movement. My surgery was through the front of my neck, my voice was different for several weeks.
i am a broken down specimen of a outdoorsman . Six years ago I had shoulder surgery and was out ice fishing a derby the next morning at 5 AM. A few years ago I had three screws put in my right forearm and was out turkey hunting two days later. Last Oct. I had my gall bladder removed and went out pheasant hunting three days later.My loving wife says I'm stupid but, Where theres a will theres a way. Good luck !!!!
for me hm im 39yrs old thats why i didnt want the neck fusion.usually theres a loss of motion and over time the other discs collaspe because of lack of support from the fused ones.i had to fight the because this operation is expensive.they go thru the front and are putting two new pro discs in and secure them with titanium.i heard nothing but positive news from people who had this.i hope your situation improves i know the pain your in.
I too have neck vertebrae problems from a water skiing accident seventeen years ago that I never had fixed because of no insurance. I eat four Advil every night before bed so I won't have a severe neck ache in the AM. It's now severe arthritis and they recommend surgery But I 'm all set for a while. I am 47 and have had 9 surgeries in the last fifteen years. I know your pain and I wish you luck !!! I get through it keeping in mind a saying from an old eighties movie with Tom Hanks, i think it was the bachelor party." Pain is such a cheap high if you channel it right "! HA HA HA !!!!!!!
i wanna get this back to bowhunting ,thanks for the concern but i wanna hear everybodies hopes and expectations.
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