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Exciting morning hunt !!

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No, I still don't have my first kill but I could have nailed a clueless fawn this morning but after looking at the amount of meat this thing would have yielded made me say nope.

My blind sits off a fence corner and I can see the fenced in pasture to my right.
I get set in place at least 1-1.5 hours before sun up just to quiet things down from my walk through the woods to my blind. This morning was pitch black and sitting in that blind listening to nature you cant see can be a little scary to me. I heard deer right up to sunkight. I could hear them jumping the fence.
When the sun got bright enough to see I had a doe in front of me but this was one nervous little deer and it was almost impossible to move without it feeling the movement. After that deer left I looked into the pasture and there are 4 small bucks in various sizes of racks. 2 of them had much of nothing and one looked like a 6 pointer and the other one a long spike deer. They have to hop the fence to give me a chance and eventually the do hop it but go the other way. I am excited and probably a little impatient and have to stretch a little to still see them...busted. But while these guys were hanging in the field they actually did some playfull sparing and it was the first time I saw anything like that.
I saw a few other deer too put he only one a could have shot was the fawn.
I would also like to mention that all these deer were within 15 yards of me.
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Great story! And to think that all that was happening within 15 yards.

Hope you have better luck next time.

right on man i had a doe 15 yrds from me the other day too but i have a buck tag only for bow . gun season its either or ! good luck man great story ! and dont let buck fever get ya lol~!~~~~
Im beginning to think I am lucky living in NC. We have almost an unlimited amount of deer we can take. I dont mean you can shoot them all day every day but on the liscence we can take 6 deer and only 2 have to be antlerless but I am also under the impressing that I can get more tags if I pay more money. Am I wrong about this assumption. Not that it matters because I haven't killed any deer yet but this is my year...I feel it.

I am going to concentrate on morning hunts even when it gets cold. There is nothing better then sitting in the woods before sunup and watching and listening to the woods coming alive. The unknown sounds that go bump, crunch and snap in the woods while you are waiting to see can make you jumpy but when that first light of day appears and you can start making out shapes of trees and bushes gives you a calming effect like you are being held by a loved one, then you get to see the deer and for me I get an adrenaline rush and I like it !. It's a great feeling and on opening day I took my first shot ever at a deer and was shaking so bad I shot over all 3 deer but was able to calm down,wait for them to return and take another shot but was unable to ind the time I will be a different story.
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That's what huntings all about
Getting out there with the wild life
:thumbup: exactly what delbert said
I agree with everything you said about morning hunting! Although, I would like to recommend evening hunting as well. Alot of times that's when I see the most deer- especially this time of year. Now granted, I live in Missouri, so it may be a little warmer/cooler where you're at. I often see many deer right as the sun is going down and up until 15-30 min after sunset...
Good luck, sounds like you got the hunting BUG!
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