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euro mount

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Hey guys, haven't been on in a while, I got a nice nine point this weekend, since money's pretty tight I'm going to try and do a euro mount myself. has anyone done this? if so any tips would be very helpful.


The New guy.
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Congrats on your big boy harvest. Euro mounts are awesome looking ways to display a deer. I'm not too sure about the total process but I believe that you'll need the whole head minus the lower jaw and to remove all skin, meat, brain matter and all that good stuff you'll need to boil the whole head area and pick away any excess. Then bleach the skull so it is a bright white. I'm not sure about the entire process but I think that I may be quite close. There is a great post somewhere on this site on mounts. Let me look for it and I'll post some here for you.
timberghost is right, doing all that will definately work. I used bleach on just a antler mount (with skull still attached at bases of the antlers) and it bleached the skull BRIGHT white. At first, it doesn't look that white (after you've let it sit in bleach for 24 hrs) but the next day I checked on it (after it had dried) and it was as white as white can get. Boiling the skull will be the trickiest task.... I recommend boiling outside if you can... i got an old hot plate and did mine outside. You need to boil it for AT LEAST an hour... I took mine out every 15 min or so and picked skin, meat, ect... off of it each time. Good luck!
I am Boiling now. I have been told to use peroxide and not bleach because bleach will weaken the bones.
I used bleach, and it worked fine for me... still is hanging on the wall. Using peroxide is ok too, but you have use the strong kind (i've been told). Like what they use at hair salons or hot tub retalers. Regular peroxide won't make it completely white....
i got some books on tanning hide and euro mounts and in the book they say to boil skull in water and sal soda then put it in peroxide the same kind you use on cuts the trick is put the skull and peroxide in a large clear plastic bag and set it in the sun for a day or two then it will be white this does work i have done alot of skulls just don't get it on the horns or they will turn white good luck:thumbup:
Got him clean gonna work on bleaching him this weekend.
posting a pic in the gallery.
sounds good, if I shoot one with a decent rack Imma have to do the euro mount too. When I found a 170" non typical skull in the woods it was already pre-cleaned by the natural biological process from sitting in the woods for all I did was paint the skull and put it on a plaque and then on my wall.

Here's a crappy cell phone pic of the wall mount of the skull.


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Cleaned it the best I could, getting as much meat and brain and hide removed as I could.

Boiled outside (don't do it indoors, unless your wife is reallllllly understanding) for at least an hour. It is not a pleasant smell.
As it boiled, I removed more meat that loosened. Used a thick leather welders glove to hold the skull, since it was hot.

You can do the lower jaw if you want. It won't stay attached, but you can wire it in after the cleaning process. Or a dab of epoxy.

A buddy of mine sticks his in the dirt and covers with chicken wire, so critters and dogs don't haul it away. The ants, worms and bugs clean his all winter. Then rinse it clean in the spring and bleach.
Finished this evening. Sorry the first one is a bit fuzzy. the second was in my garage. What do you think?


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Nice euro mount. I really like the arrowhead mounting board. I am using a piece of slab wood from my buddy's sawmill for this years mount.
looks pretty cool! Came out great.
NG, that turned out nice!
Like the plaque...and of course, the horns!
I like that plaque as well! At first I didn't notice it... was too busy looking at the rack! I did a skull wedge mount and just cut a nice oak board into a typical plaque shape and mounted it on the oak board-- I'll have to take a pic of it and show you guys... it was my broken ear buck, for those of you who remember that one. Next time I'm going to steal your idea, if that's ok NG
I cut the plaque from an old peice of 1x8 shelf board I had in the garage, I wanted to give it a "rustic" look. I got the basic shape with a jigsaw, mitered the edges and used a rasp to put the grooves along the sides, then alternated sanding and charring with a propane torch untill I got the look I wanted.

Glad you guys like it.
You did a great job! What did you spend on materials? Great buck as well! Way to go!
Here is the mount I did this year, like I said, I just cut the skull in a wedge shape and then boiled the hide/skin off of it then bleached it overnight. Thought it turned out well. The oak board cost me like $8 and I have enough of it left to do another mount in the future. The wife thinks the arrow being a trophy is a little much? anyone else disagree like me? :no:


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I had the wood laying around, I got a new propane bottle for my torch, and I got 5 big bottles of peroxide (regular cuts and scrapes stuff). And I spent about $5 at the car wash (They have high pressure) after I boiled it to get the gunk off and out.
Total was about $15.
had to replace my wifes big stock pot, but I don't know if that counts...
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