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Estrous & Doe Urine & Odor Eliminator brand new

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I bought:
3 cans of all natural Doe Estrous aerosol sprays
3 cans of all natural Doe Urine aerosol sprays
3 bottles of Odor Eliminator Hair and Body Wash
3 bottles of Earth Scent Hair and Body Wash
They are brand new, never used and I am selling them on eBay
The scent aerosols are being sold at:
Deer Hunters: Estrous & Doe Urine AEROSOL/6 Cans estrus - eBay (item 320631212564 end time Dec-19-10 13:51:43 PST)
Item number:320631212564
The hair and body wash is being sold on eBay at:
Odor Eliminator & Earth Body Wash 6 bottles hunting - eBay (item 320631273620 end time Dec-17-10 17:39:46 PST)
Item number:320631273620
The auction for the Hair and Body Wash ENDS at 6:00 PM Friday and
the auction for the Estrous and Doe Urine ENDS at 2:00 PM Saturday.
I purchased the six bottles of Hair and Body Wash for $57 and selling all six for $20
I purchased the six cans of Estrous and Doe Urine for $83 and selling them on eBay for $22.
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Never heard of either brand... so naturally I'm skeptical. Do you make these products yourself?

Also, why would you buy all this stuff and then turn around and sell them for less than 20% of what you paid for them?
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