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:ranting:is the north american hunting club for real like should i even pay or start or buy stuff there or is it just a scam
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My son got into that . . . not worth your time and especially not your $$.

like i just got this thing and it said u are a life time menber and iam going to send u all of this stuff for free
i just want to know are they going to gip me
Of the 3 or 4 guys I know who got into that deal, all of them quit after a year or so. The best thing of the whole deal is the magazine subscription, the "free stuff" you could buy on your own for a few bucks, if you even wanted it. As far as you getting to "test and keep" stuff you test for them, none of these guys ever got anything to test. I get their junk in the mail every year, I keep the deer decal and throw the rest in the garbage. As far as I'm concerned, EVERYTHING on the planet is a scam, all of them trying to pry money out of your wallet for something you don't want or need. My 2 cents.
I'm a Lifetime member and have been for many years. I got everything they claimed they would give me and I have no complaints about the products I received for joining.
I didn't join to get the gifts or expect free products to test, however, I have been lucky enough to field test a few items which you do get to keep if you are chosen to test them.
The Lifetime magazine subscription alone (to me anyway) was the best part of the membership.
there's nothing to "Quit" if you join, Once you pay the total membership amount, that's it, you're a lifetime member.
I guess if you decide to quit all you have to do is not mention you're a lifetime member but you're always going to be a Lifetime member because I don't believe there are any type of refunds.
Good luck
I'm a trophy life member. There's nothing that says you have to buy anything. I have purchased a few items and got what i paid for. just look it over really well.
All I can say about them is this. They have always paid me what they owed me and paid a fair market price. As for is it worth joining. Heck no! You would be better off joining the Mugwumps. I defy anyone to explain to me just what it is you are joining. Can you vote for editorial changes? Can you get stock options? Do you get access to private club land?

What you get are more than regular bills and offers to spend more money. Just buy the magaine and save the dues. :no:
been there done that,dont waste your time or money.also theres better mags out there to read. Join NRA,great mags
I am a member, just a regular member, not a lifetime member. In my opinion it is one of the best overall hunting magazines. I have bought some books in years past, they used to send a lot of offers to start regular books, dvd, sculpture subscriptions but I haven't gotten any in years, once they mark you as not likely to buy all the stuff they stop trying. The regular "dues" is a fair price for the magazine and thats why I do it.
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