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A whole lotta words come to mind when I read this. And let me tell you... not one of them was friendly. It does suck that the animals are suffering. But I'm sure its not near as bad as they make it out to be. Most hunting rounds are designed to stay in the animal. This is just like the thing that assult rifles are causing crime. And ak47's are the weapon if terrorists. I'm sure they think the same about m series weapons in iraq. We come over there and killed everything. But I have both and I'm not a bad guy. I pay taxes. And take care of my family. I go to church. And the same with pistols. They cause violence. What the beep beep is that crap! That's a whole lot of bs. Why would they cause violence? Because people can conseal them? I call it pertection. Most people would agree. Ad rather use a shotgun for pertection. That's what sits by the bed. Makes me sleep nice and tosty. Screw the pistol or asult rifels in the safe. I like the spread. And. Not going threw walls. Sorry guys I just needed to vent. Just my .10
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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