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Enter To Win A Buck Knife!!!!

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We are currently running a Wild Game Recipe Contest. Its very simple to enter and it gives you a great chance for a brand new hunting knife.

The rules are simply this.

1. Post a hunting recipe in our "Wild Game Recipe Forum" that is detailed enough that we can use it in our organized recipe section. What we mean by detailed enough is the fact that it should look halfway professional. Just posting "Tenderloin over an open flame" will not get you entered.
For example:
1A. We need the name of the dish.
1B. Ingredients listed.
1C. The directions to help prepare the dish.

2. Please make each post a new thread to insure we see them all.

3. The more recipes you have entered the more chances you get to win. For each recipe accepted you get your name in the hat 1 time.

4. Contest runs from now till April 21st 2008.

5. Must be 18 yrs or older.

The only members not eligible to win this contest are myself! :ranting:

You can find an example of a recipe that brucebruce1959 contributed here---->

Added pics to go with your recipe are not required but are greatly appreciated.

There are 5 sections in our recipe section. Venison recipes, Turkey and Wild Birds, Deer Jerky, Small Game, and Fish. With that broad of range surely you can find a recipe to fit one of those catagories.

And last but not least here are some pics of what you win. This is a brand new Buck Knife Omni Hunter 12 pt. It comes with a heavy duty nylon sheath. It is 9 3/4 inches long, and its all camo so you better not lose it in the woods!

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This is very surprising. Do none of ya'll cook? So far we have had only 2 entered in the contest. What I do wrong here?
most people take the recipes out of the book would be my guess or the wife does it.or maybe McDonalds for those bachelor types:lol::lol::lol::lol:
I don't cook much at all. Usually somebody else does the grilling but I eat alot though.
see what im saying:lol:
Just starting to cook and looking for recipes, so what ever you did wrong, fix it.:w00t:
I like the odds!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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