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You won't like the c

You won't like the cap-bill mount. Lights of way less than this one's output cause just engouh backscatter to blind you when your eyeballs are directly behind the light. Even if the light gave out no backscatter, engouh is generated by the beam piercing the imperfect atmosphere to blind you. If you wear eyeglasses, the effect is worse.Backscatter is the best argument against weapon-mounted lights, too. The cop's trick of having a light in a separate hand that can be directed at the target from several feet away from the the weapon's axis of sighting/fire is really the only way to defeat backscatter, and it doesn't defeat it completely if the atmosphere is humid, dusty or smoky. Lasers have less of a problem with backscatter.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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