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Effects of a slowing economy

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Just wondering if my fellow hunters have noticed a personal effect of a slowing economy. Budgets tighter, less work, etc.

I work at a Bridgestone truck tire plant and we are starting to see the results now. We are a 24 hr 7 day a week plant so shutdowns are very rare. This Easter holiday has now turned into a week off with no pay. Some of our other plants have had shutdowns but this is the first for us in a long time. We also got a Nissan plant about 5 mins from my house that has been cutting its workers hours.
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Nope, not really. I've been in the building industry and running my own business for over 20 years now. Shortly I first started in the industry the building crash of the mid 80's I saw a real effect. Since then I've learned what it takes to keep working through the so called slower times and gotten good at what I do therefore there is a demand for my services. That's not to say there isn't a slowing econ it just hasn't effected me, yet. I've got friends all over the country and some of them say they have felt it.
without a doubt we are in a recession.just pick up any newspaper .the dollar is at an all time low.the subprime mortgage mess,record fore closer rates increased consumer debt.I have a feeling its going to get a lot worse. The stock market is tanking i've seen some stocks get cut in half.ouch.Americans we're spending more than they were making and leveraging their homes to do it.Property values are about to plummet.All of these together is a recipe for disaster
I think you are right, based on news across the country. I look at it this way. Short term its BAD, no doubt for most people, but long term its good. if one can survive they have a chance to build $$ cause things will move upward.. Example, here when the building industry is real good, as it has been for a long time now, housing cost are up, making hard for someone to buy a house. It also brings the "builders" out from the mills and garages because they know what a hammer looks like. It also makes what I call clipboard builders rich. A clipboard builder is a, for language purposes we'll say, a "good talker" but they can't nail 2 boards together. What a building crash does is it purges the system. Those mill guys go back to the mills cause they are poor builders and were just there to make a buck and the clipboard builders go away cause people say why should I spend an extra 10% or more just to listen to words. People will stick with the guys that CAN build and charge a fair price. Those that didn't get into the price gouging when things are good. so long term there is a chance to make out. its like a do over. short term it bites.
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