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Educated Idiots

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High school basketball team in Texas is being disciplined for Chanting USA after beating their rival school who is 96% hispanic.The schools superintendent is banning students who chanted it from the next game.My blood is boiling over this and i would pull my kid from the school and have some choice words for that idiot school official.:ranting::ranting::ranting:
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Atta boy Spiker. That sounds like a form of "freedom of speech" to me. But oh, wait, I forgot, I think that's illegal in this country anymore, along with most everything else in the Bill of Rights. I can't say here what I really would like to say, so I'll just leave it as I'm with you 100%.
Spiker, I've read your post three times and all three times I had to resist responding until I took some time to calm down so I could calmly say,
God Bless the Texas High school basketball Chanters!!!!
Big Bruce, that's exactly what I had to do, I started to post on this but had to walk out to my garage twice to wind down first.:ranting:
While I don't fully condone what the students did, I think this is far from being a "racist situation". The news team that covered this story is calling this an act of racisim. The reason I don't fully condone it is because of the timing. I'm all for them chanting USA, but comon, that's not exactly the best time to do it. Should they be penalized? No. They were asked to stop, and they did. I think they could've chanted MUCH worse things and then there really WOULD be a story. The bad thing is, they have made national headlines with this, so now the schools involved HAVE to go through with punishment and all the hoopla because if they don't, the liberals of this nation will have a fit and probably shut down their school.
Chanting USA isn't a bad thing, but when the other team is all hispanics... probably not the best time to chant that. BUT, then again, was there any language spoken during the game that was spanish?? Because if so... I think that's racism and a report needs to be filed because I don't want to have to hear spanish while I'm playing or watching basketball- after all this is U S A!
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Just saw on the news where the administrator at the school with the chanters is MAKING the students at the game apologize and they can't come to the next basketball game.

Someone fire that guy
No kid in this country under any circumstances should apologize for chanting USA.I would never let my kid apologize for that and i would have a serious problem with that scumbag liberal kiss... Administrator!Im done on this it literally makes me sick.
Time to get rid of the superindenant. If the chanting "USA" is a problem then move out of the USA. I'm really getting fed up with liberal stupid people. Anyone have a direct link to that school's web page??? I think an E-mail is in order.
It would be awesome if everyone emailed the sTupidintendent, to let him feel the power of a USA chant!
Couldn't agree more Bruce I am going to see If I can research that a little
Found it
[email protected]
I heard this on the phil valentine show. He was ripping them as well. Every high school team in America needs to start chanting USA all the time. I know of no one around here who would take offense.
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