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Early Doe Muzzleloader....

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well guys,

some good and bad news.....was out with my buddy this morning, came home for some grub, and went back out. didnt see anything ALL DAY except for the doe ive been itching to drop for 2 weeks, but was way to far out to touch with my tru-glo sighted muzzleloader.. well, 720 rolled around, and shooting light was getting gone, and we packed up. unloaded. lit up a smoke just before we headed out, and in comes the same doe. i could still see, and the tru-glo's were visible, and i took the shot. and at 3 inches over her back, she hauled tail out of there. so, i come home, get on the computer, and tell my story...but its all good. it happens. i guess thats what you get for not sighting in from your tree stand. oh well.....heading back out sat. have a good night and happy trails,

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She present you with another shot at her today???
no. i had a fairly large doe come in, and brought the ol .50 up, and then her 2 yearfawns come in. they werent fawns, but not yearlings yet, and couldnt take the shot....its that whole ethic's thing...but not worried about it.... bow (buck) opens up Oct. 18th, but sucks since we are completely booked at work through the end of the year.....but gotta have the dough to get a doe...
but gotta have the dough to get a doe...
True statement.. Work stinks but we got to have the money to get in the woods with all the toys..
I don't know what ethics thing you are talking about. I would bust a big doe with one hanging on her tit. :) They all have yearlings with them now and they will do fine without the doe.
Son called me last night, he took a doe with the bow down at college! I did get a come on down and hunt Dad offer!
Congrats HM for both teaching your son the better things in life AND to get the offer!

Best of luck and Good Hunting!
I appreciate the comment! Son is into hunting big time. He just got hired by Dick's sporting goods near his college. I think his plan was the discount offerings for employees. My plan gas/food money. :w00t: He's going to meet us in PA for our November archery rut hunt. I hunt for about 9 days but he will have about 4-5. he's bringing a camera buddy to film!:confused:
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