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E mail I received

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This is a picture I received via Email. I have no connections to this guy nor do I know who he is. One of those emails that go through 311,000 people before it reaches you.

"This is freaking scary. As you know I was alone when I downed this elk in ND. I was using my camera’s timer attached to my shooting stick to give me enough time to get into the picture. I knew there were a lot of cats in the area but had no idea they would come in this close to people. He had to be within 10 feet of me and I didn’t even know it. I about crapped my pants when I looked at the pictures the next morning and saw he was there."

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WOW !!! You hear about stories like this but until you see it with your own eyes it doesnt really weigh too heavy....
I dont hear that many stories about those big cats but I do hear a lot about wolves, both are predators that shoudn't be ignored if you're hunting in the areas they range in... :shocking:
What's that old saying??? One picture is worth a thousand words???

I would definitely frame this picture - more for catching that big cat that close than for the elk. BTW - it IS a nice elk - wish I had the time/$$/etc. to get one myself.
well at least I wouldn't have much to worry about the cat would look at me & not waste his time cat probably out weighs my x2
nah I would most likely have to burn my hunting gear & buy new ones would never get the smell out :shocking:
maybe that's a trained cat, helps guide the elk to the hunter. :nerd: Or maybe just likes to get his/her picture taken at kill sites you know the type, ambulance chasers. :w00t:
talk about going from a definate HIGH point in your life to a possible LOW point in a hurry! hahahaha Sorry but I laughed when reading the caption to that pic. That camera might've gotten some distrubing pics on it if that cat decided to act!
hey timber i have seen this via email allso!! i have a hard time believing that that cat would be that close?but thats me?i have an email of a monster buck that i'm going to share to see if anybody has gotten it?
heres the monster buck??real or fake?

don't know where or who shot this??anybody get this email?
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I saw this a while back, looks impossible. Would have been in the news more if it was real? Looks like 400 lb range.
Buck looks to big for a whitetail in my book.. Never seen that pic before..

I got TG's pic in my email about the same day that you posted this pic.. I think it came from Onehorse. In the email it said "This is a photo taken by a nephew of one of his coworkers so he didnt think it was photoshopped..

With how much crap is photoshopped these days though its still hard for me to believe..
picture above(big buck running)

this was sent to me today by my friend that had this buck runnung and him trail camera took the you think its real or fake??i think its fake because theres no trail camera that has that fast of a trigger speed to take a pic when its at full bore running,the picture is crystle clear no blurr.. but he's not a person that throws the crap!! i just have a hard time with this one??
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