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Duck and Goose

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Season will soon be upon us
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i already bought a few tags....did you get your pheasant stamp? i didnt much do they cost this year?
I have never hunted pheasant I plan to this winter though, but at a shooting preserve
my dad just got his earn a buck and hes goin for the 12 vpointer on our land with his bow...
got my duck stamp last week no water at the spot i hunted .gonna try a new spot tomorrow hopefully
blue winged teal, i think duck tastes way better than geese.....geese just have too wild of a flavor
....same with deer, around by me they taste good because of their diet of corn and soybean.....but when they are up in the forest eating other things like pine almost could taste pine in it
well I will tell you this I have ate deer from both the farm country and the northwoods deer and they don't taste to any different.
Duck & Geese

Not enough water in NC for them to land in. The drought has dried up most of the streams and ponds, no flat water in swamps.:no:
we just had a cold snap so the birds were moving last night.i heard geese at midnight.I talk with someone from canada and they said the are seeing HUGE flocks of ducks on the move.wont be long now:pickle:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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