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I have spent the better part of 2.5 days drywalling the daughter's old bedroom. This is a royal pain in the rump. I don't have help anymore so what's that song " all by my self" :bag:eek:ops forgot Mr. oxycod/apap dropped in!
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Good grief HM, how big is this room? Are you doing ceiling and the walls both???? Hanging drywall can be a pain especially in the middle of summertime! If I lived closer, I'd come help ya out
just keep in mind that when the finished room comes out looking awesome you won't be able to blame anyone but yourself! :w00t:
I used to hang drywall with my brother in law. hanging it ain't so bad, its when it comes to finishing it that sucks. dust every where and I mean EVERYWHERE. Sinuses suffer the worst.
by your self huh? hope your not hanging ceiling. holding a full sheet, a screw gun and loading the next screw will test your dexterity and tenacity.
ya one tends to run out of enough arms when hanging ceiling sheets. Delbert you can hang 12' sheets, this dog ain't got the wearwithall to "get er done" Tens are enough for me. Put a hault to the drywalling to split about 3 cords of fire wood this week. All the drywall is up and have about 3/4 taped and mudded.
Your the man HM.. From drywall to splitting wood. I feel older than you.
Must admit right now pretty tuckered out. Got about one more day's worth of wood splittin to do.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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