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Double-Trigger or Single Trigger?

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Are double-set triggers a good useful feature in the context of hunting, or I'd be better off with a single trigger?
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double triggers are great but if you have a single trigger that has an adjustable tumbler for controlling the triggers weight, thats fine as well. When i had the adjustable tumbler i used to set them suckers up with a suicide trigger of maybe 1/2 lb. Awesome on the range. For hunting i'd add a pound to make it a bit heavier.
I like double triggers. The front hair trigger usually has an adjustment screw to really lighten up the pull. Caution, as you can get it too light and the rear trigger won't set. Most people shoot better with a double set trigger. The only drawback is in cold temps and gloves are worn, be careful as there's not a lot of extra room for bulky gloves and you can set the rig off when you weren't ready. Some double triggers can be fired with both triggers, I would have to look those up to be accurate in their name, others require you to set the rear first and then fire the front. Something like double set vs single set but I don't remember. If you're only hunting and not range shooting then maybe a single trigger with a big trigger guard will work for you. With flint locks a double trigger really helps on accuracy.
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Simple cure for that. Shooting with gloves on isnt very accurate so i use mittens and the flap folds back to expose all 4 fingers and the thumb even folds back as well. $12 from walmart.
some can use them but I hate them, I prefer thin leather palm right glove and keep my hand tucked in my jacket with an air activated 18 hr heater. Left glove is usually a heavier thinsulate one. This works for me and doesn't cause any trigger issues.
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