Don't Fret When Hunting Public Lands.</strong

By Bruce Raymond

We all know the frustrations of dealing with public land hunting. Nobody enjoys being crowded in a hunting spot but it happens and the hunter who scouted well and prepares properly will do just fine hunting public lands. Most of my hunting is on public lands and it does get a little congested at times but if you scout your hunting areas well and you have a good idea as to how the other hunters are most likely coming into the woods you can use what you know to your advantage. You know they're going to walk all the regular paths that's what they all do so keep that in mind when choosing your spot.

If you get a chance to speak with the other hunters that are hunting the same area as you, Don't reveal everything you know about the area, let them do their own leg work to find where the deer are feeding, bedding, traveling etc.

I've learned that If you say to them "I've got my stand set up about 250 yards over that way (Pointing to a specific direction) Oh and if you run into other hunters could you tell them I'm over there also. There's plenty of land here and no need to ruin each others hunts by crowding one another" Not all but most hunters will respect that and head off into the other directions to hunt.

Keep in mind that If they aren't familiar with the area chances are they're going to wander aimlessly and end up spooking deer onto their feet, once a deer gets up it's got to seek a safer spot to survive the day, that alone is one way the other hunters may help your hunt by getting the deer up and moving.

Trust me when I say "many" hunters (the ones I refer to as weekend warriors) don't take the necessary steps to successfully harvest a whitetail deer by that I mean they don't have any concern for scent control, they walk way too fast it's like there's a set of steak knives to win at the finish line. Some of them aren't even dressed properly.

Want a Good Laugh? Keep on reading, One time I saw a guy wearing a pair of cowboy boots and we had about 3 inches of snow on the ground that day, and then another time there was the guy I saw that was splashing on some cologne before he headed into his hunting spot. And I know we've all seen the hunters that enter the woods, more than likely coughing with a cigarette in their hand.

This is all true, I really saw guys do those things and they call themselves "hunters." See those are the guys that could very well help your hunt and the sad part is they actually think they're hunting.

Try to think of it this way, this is a perfect example of the point I'm trying to make&#8230; There are 4 Bucks on a 4 acre parcel of land. You along with those 3 other guys we'll call Mr. Boots, Mr. SmellGood, and Mr. Puffalot. Each of you hunting one acre each, where do you suppose the deer will be?
EXACTLY, On Your Acre!

Don't let hunting on public lands alter your attitude or the way you hunt. If you do your best to stay scent free, maintain a good positive attitude and don't fret over the other hunters in the area, In the end that's what's going to help you harvest your deer.

Good Luck and Enjoy Happy Safe Hunting Always