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Well the son left for college yesterday morning. This afternoon Raven the black lab who fights and plays hard with the son was laying on his bed wimpering/crying, call it what you want. Tell me dogs aren't smart! Gunnar the yellow lab who is really my dog didn't seem too care much!
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they sure are and great judges of character
I stopped at one of the local mom and pop stores about a week ago. They always have their two dogs right there at the store, Soon as I walked in one started crying and wimpering like he was being hurt as I got to the register I asked, what happened, did the dog get hurt? the owner said no this one is missing the other one that had an appointment at the Vets just then the other dog came back from the vets and it was like turning off a switch.
Some breeds are extremely smart, or I should say some have Selective Intelligence!
It takes my german shorthair about a month to get use to the kids going back to school every year , he pouts all day long.
What's that old saying about dogs? Something like, "If you want to be a good person just be the kind of person that your dog thinks you are." Or as I like to say, "The Lord must have made humans before he made dogs, because if he had made them first, he probably would have stopped right there, and then we wouldn't even be here!"
They pretty much have determined that having dogs reduces stress/blood pressure except when they chew up your 4 wheeler seat! Hey there BF remember :confused:.
They pretty much have determined that having dogs reduces stress/blood pressure except when they chew up your 4 wheeler seat! Hey there BF remember :confused:.
Thank you HM, I've been wanting to get a puppy, you just reminded me why I haven't yet.
My wife bought my daughter a chihuahua (I call it a snack!) about a year ago. When my daughter stayed overnight with one of her girl friends, the dog just laid in its bed and was lifeless. When she came home, it was just like turning on that light switch mentioned earlier. Dog is smaller than most of the cats we have running around outside and I could swear I've seen a couple of the cats drooling whenever we leave the dog outside for any length of time.

Now our poodle is a different story. When I say poodle, I mean 65-70 lb poodle (standard poodle) not one of those wimpy ones that are lapdogs. Well, the poodle does still think it's a lapdog, but that's a different story. The poodle is our watchdog and lets us know any time that anyone pulls into the drive or even slows down a little too much at the end down by the road. She hates the UPS man with a passion and we have to go out to get the package from the truck instead of him coming to the front door.

Good watchdog!
My dog is a stress reliever half the time and a stress inducer the other half. He is a yellow lab and playful as they come. He has a tendency to run through the invisible fence when really worked up and once he realizes he has freedom he tunes me out and explores. He is a good dog but he has taken the ball the kids down the road were playing with. Chases the farmers cattle who is not the freindliest person around. All that said I love my dog and would defend him like family and watching my 2 yr old daughter run around and get in trouble with him is priceless.
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