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Does anybody hunt rabbit?

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I was wondering if anyone still took time to hunt rabbit. My garden here seems to be overrun at times. I even had one to nest in my yard. Talk about bold.....:crazy: I have seem some great fun and good hunting here in Franklin County when it comes to rabbit hunting. Great also for young hunters to learn safety and accuracy. Any thoughts? Go to the gallery for a picture of a good rabbit day!
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You need a dog. Saves on shotgun shells, and gives 24 hour protection vs. Bugs Bunny eating your carrots. I have one fenced in here in Murfreesboro that'd love a new home in Winchester. Just say the word...

I don't have enough land for a dog. Enough money either. And I would get in trouble with the ASPCA for harming those sweet little rabbits....
I used to know this guy who was on TV, He knew all there was to know about hunting wabbits, You might have heard of him Elmer Fudd:crazy:
Hey, don't make fun of us "wabbit" hunters. There are at least 2 or 3 still around.....
Real men catch rabbits with their bare hands....

OK - so maybe it was a baby rabbit.....

Still, it was pretty cool. Saw it run under the tractor when I was bush-hoggin'. The girls thought it was great.


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You caught it after you ran over it with a tractor!! Poor Bugs!:crybaby: It is much better to throw a fist full of BB's at the thing. Using a 12 gauge of course.:lol: I really like the picture. Looks like her Grandpa.....

did you let her skin that little thing out and eat it for supper?? that would be some mighty fine tender meat!! cute girl you got there
Reminds me of happier times:crybaby:
sweet lil girl you got there. i was having trouble seein the rabbit though. was it even able to run away from ya? manly man? :lol: :lol:
I used to hunt rabbit with my dad when I was a kid not so much now
yea same here. i wish i had some good dogs. i would enjoy doing that kind of thing again.
Who needs dogs. :bag: You just go around and kick the bushes and brush piles. You will get something up.....ya might not shoot anything, but you will see rabbbits for sure.:thumbup: It would be fun to rabbit hunt again. We will have to get up a trip. Better yet, we might go shoot a golf. You don't need a permit.:pickle:
That's how we hunted them Dad stood by and I was the brush kicker
uh sureshot. how do you shoot a golf? :crazy:
With a "shootin" iron, or a wood. Some folk call them "clubs".
It is almost as much fun kicking the bushes as shooting the gun......well, maybe not....
With a "shootin" iron, or a wood. Some folk them "clubs".
if somebody made me ill or something and i made the statement. "im gonna go get my shootin iron" it definitly would not be golf equipment.
not too many rabits in the woods they are all pushed in to town! i am serious when i say i see more rabbits in my yard than in the brush! i often wonder if the fox and cyotes push them out of the brush!
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