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doe in rut scent, is it to early?

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any thoughts on pre rut yet? it got cold here and was thinking of puttung out a scent to spark some interest. let me guys
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i'd say yea too early, for the most part. its the chasin stage. the young bucks should be chasin does but they shouldn't want any part of it. i'd use just doe pee or active scrape maybe intruder buck scent. but thats me
I agree with ronn, and I always say if you haven't experimented with using scents much, it's better not to use them at all. Good Luck
All depends on what you want to shoot. If all your after is any legal buck then you can use pre-rut scents and by mid week here in the mid-west mix in the estrus scents. As long as the chasing has began then you may catch a younger buck to fall for your trap. The peak rut here is Nov 8th -15, so anything close on either side of those days should be ok for estrus scents.

thanks guys
was out this morning and 1 was bedding in front of my stand, was ready for that but I'll be back out in a couple hours.
thanks for the advise
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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