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Vacations? no,,, but I do have a thought that always runs through my mind after an uneventful hunt... I always say to myself, they must be having a deer meeting somewhere!
Odds are on a clear day and warm weather, the deer aren't going to move. Watch the weather real close for a front coming in where the temp will drop 10+ degrees. Or hunt RIGHT before a rain storm or RIGHT after a rain storm. I've seen deer come out after a rain storm like little kids.
ALSO- I started doing something last year that I think has helped me tremendously with my hunts. Even on days that I don't "get" anything, and maybe I see deer, but they are too young, or wrong sex, or too far away, I go home and write that down. I've made a rough drawing of the property I hunt and I pattern these movements by the deer. I watch where they are going during my hunt. B/c if one deer is using a trail, there's going to be more using that same trail. This helps find where their bedding areas are, and where their daytime areas are.
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