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:confused: I'm confused! I never make a donation without research and now I'm confused. They are trying to save a ranch that is for sale in the Western Livestock Journal for $3,000,000. If it is the same 1114 property that it seems to be a dollar donation ain't gonna help much. The Thunderbear Foundation ( if it is real) shows to have teamed up to save the ranch but uses the exact same pics as the you tube video. The 4H club for Crook Colorado had a angling and archery skills day there in July to help build handicap accesible trails throughout the ranch so it must not be in that big of trouble or the locals would bail them out. I think there is a rat in the feed somewhere. If someone can find info that proves they need legitimate donations for Disabled Vets and kids please let me know and I'll do my part. The phone # given on the ad posted above is for a cell phone in Denver and the Wells Fargo # is a personal landline in Denver not a Wells Fargo Bank.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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