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I can either hunt up north where I know a very large buck exists, It's on an oak ridge with a spruce swamp at the bottom, some hunting pressure,2 hour drive from home. Or a a place closer to home (only 45min.) with an oak flat and water on three sides also a a big buck in the area, but "lots" of hunting pressure. I will probably see some deer near home but just as many hunters and I don't want to shoot just any buck No does for me I already got one earlier in the season. If I go up north I may come home with nothing.
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You already have the doe.. So I would have to go with the lesser amount of hunting pressure with the area where you know a big boy roams..

Also a less chance of getting shot!!
No such thing as coming home with nothing, quiet times spent in the woods are are just as rewarding. I say "Go North" and maybe this trip could be the big one.
Good Luck
Thanks guys,I was leaning towards going that direction was thinking about it all night.
Going up north with no presure might just pay off
I didn't say no pressure, just not as much
north if you aren't going to take anything but a big buck.
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