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DHC madness bracket sign up!!

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This is a private group for deer hunters club visitors only. Once the games start you will not be able to sign up.

Go to this link to get signed up and fill out your bracket. (there are still a couple of days before the final 64 teams will be announced.)

ESPN's 2010 NCAA Tournament Bracket Contest - Group

Our group name is Deer Hunters Club.

Group password is: dhcsports

The first place winner will receive a free hunting book, Precision Bowhunting by John & Chris Eberhart. In the event of a tie I will draw one of the winners name out of a hat.
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I'm in. UK all the way!
united kingdom?
Grins, University of KY. I think I have watched a 1/2 of a game this year but still a UK fan for life.
Yep, it's on. Murray State beat Vandy, great game. I knew they had it in um. Murray State is the local college here. They won't last long but I'm glad they won.
so i forot my password or something. i can see the group bracket but none of the message board stuff. ouch, so what happened to the united kingdom?
They died a slow agonizing death :unsure: That's the way it goes. West Va played an oustanding game tho. I guess I'll have to root for Tennessee now. :yes:
Duke behind at halftime. I'd like to see Baylor win. Guess I'll root afraid to say. They'll prolly lose if I mention their name :sad:
Couldn't have asked for a better game. Well unless Butler won, but hey, what a game!
1 - 6 of 32 Posts
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