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DHC madness bracket sign up!!

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This is a private group for deer hunters club visitors only. Once the games start you will not be able to sign up.

Go to this link to get signed up and fill out your bracket. (there are still a couple of days before the final 64 teams will be announced.)

ESPN's 2010 NCAA Tournament Bracket Contest - Group

Our group name is Deer Hunters Club.

Group password is: dhcsports

The first place winner will receive a free hunting book, Precision Bowhunting by John & Chris Eberhart. In the event of a tie I will draw one of the winners name out of a hat.
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Im signed up as buckfever30. Our resident tech nerd is that long crazy name of Nostradamus Delight.
I believe in 3 days or so the bracket will be filled with all the teams. I'll make a post when its ready. Then we will go back and pick whatever teams we think will win. Most all of us will not have to good of a clue on what teams to pick. They will be ranked by the "pros" and that will give you an idea of who is suppose to win.

Espn will keep score for us and put us in the place that we need points wise.
You can fill your brackets out now. Just go to our page and click on your name. Then click on the team you think will win each round and so on. You also pick what you think will be a final score for the winner and loser that serves as a tiebreaker. If your like me just guess at each one and hope for the best. You can look at what other folks picked on their bracket by clickin on their name.
And now TN is done!!

Bracket wise only those with Duke picked to be champions have a chance to win over the current leader I think.. Thats ron, my wife, and 1 more I think that has a chance still to win.
Ronn I dont know whats wrong with it not showing our comments on the espn page. I havent forgot my password and half the time they want show up for me either.

ronn and ggwolverines need michigan state to lose this weekend and duke to win it all to have a shot at winning.
will mrs bf finish higher than mr bf?

Ronn!!! Ive got an idea I would like you try. Go outside, find a big sturdy stick, beat yourself repeatively in the head. :wallbash:

And yes if duke wins I get beat by my wife. GO BUTLER!!
so what now. I'm tied for 6th with the wolverine and duke is anyones only chance to win. if duke does win where will we end up?
If Duke wins you will finished tied for 1st with the wolverine fellow. If they lose the guy that currently occupies 1st will stay there.
Well the final game starts here in about 5 mins.. Good luck to the prespective winners.. Im gonna need a name and address for the winner or winners so I can ship you the prize.
Awesome indeed. That shot from half court was awful close.
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