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hey fellas,
this is my first post so thanks for having me.
shot a big one this weekend 160s or so. I know i hit him for sure he hunched and kicked then took off like a bat outa heck, but couldnt find a blood trail. i watched him lay down about 515pm in a neighboring field. so i let him go for the night and goin back out later today. any suggestions on what you think may have happened? bad shot prob. he wasnt walking like he was injured tho. IDK...
If a deer runs after a shot with a firearm, watch the tail when it runs. If the tail is down while running it is usually a sign that it has been hit with a good shot. A deer that has been hit can still have a vertical or somewhat vertical, white-tail while running. When you shotgun hunt, do the correct follow through and you should be able to see the slug impact the hide of the deer. I don't totally agree with everything in the following article (make sure a follow up shot is still a safe shot), but it gives some very good information.
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