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Demo Derby

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Went out to support my local wildman buddy in his quest to crash. He won his heat but came up short in the final feature. This is a pic from the earlier small car heat. He competes in the large car field

That's him, the A5 car

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Getting his 1st place trophy for his heat

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Gotta love demo Derby
nothing like smashing up a good used car
I love watching Demo Derby's. Congrats to your buddy... :pickle:
TG i think i hurt my neck looking at the pics
Wow.. Yall have ******** in New York too.. I thought only southerners did that kind of stuff.
You've never seen ******* Native Americans??? LOL
You've never seen ******* Native Americans??? LOL
Why of course.. But there was a whole lot of folks there that wasnt Native Americans.. I have never been to a demo derby but enjoy watching them on TV.
Used to love going to demo derbies at the speedway when I was a kid. Sweet memories.

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