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we planted are food plots in the woods last weekend ,,,and have every thing ready for the fall plots to go in this weekend..have some pics of plots....we will lime it again,,scratch it in ,,,roll it ,,seed it with clover, ,and roll it again,,,,,just got this roller this spring,,,i believe this is a must for fine seed,,,


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green acres is the place to be. farm liven is the life for me. land spreadin out so far and wide yada yada yada. nice delbert. how many acres do you do as just plots.
this plot has about 9 acre,s of food ,,,out of a 17 ac clearing ,in 120 acre block of woods,,,
do you do the 1 acre plots out it the woods or just the big open plots?
they are all in the opening its a L shape with tree lines closing it in almost all the way around
lookin real good. does anyone know where a guy can a buy a two row planter to pull behind a ATV?
that "L"shape is great for inside corners
if you can find a pull behind planter,,,you wont plant with out it,,my hunting buddy bought a john deer 2 row planter,,cost 350 $ it will plant no till if you catch the ground right....i bought the 2 row cultivator for 150 $ a tractor is a must for this old heavy equipment....with scrap metal prices high this old stuff is getting cut up....we do have a small hare that we drag with a 4 wheeler ,,,best 35 $ ever spent.i will get a pic of it
inside corners are comfortable for deer cause there is cover close on 180 degrees. Thats why I asked about the small plots cause cover is close 360 degrees. So its more comfortable and maybe that would make the big boys show in shooting hrs or visit more often. Just me thinking which gets me in trouble sometimes. And I learning that the shape of the plot can be more inviting to the deer. The hour glass shape is suppose to be best. then there is the orientation to north for optimum plant growth.
thats what i think,,,i have the corn all through the middle,,cutting over to the corners, for tall cover,,,,,, clover,peas,alfalfa,and oats, will nit in in selected spots
standing corn is excellent cover and you can manipulate it to fit your needs.
this is a great tool to pull with a four wheeler,,,my buddy paid 35$ for will make you feel like a farmer


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you never know what you might find. I tend to scan older farm property as i travel looking for that one implement that would help the food plot planting.
yea thats were you will find it .....they just push this small stuff to the they got autosteer tractors...and 45 ft equipment
the 4 wheel hare was bought for 20 $ not 35$ like i rememberd..a sale that day..used it to plant roads saturday.
planted the fall plots this clover in thursday afternoon,,,good clover sproutage by saturday, perfect rains...planted the rest saturday morning, the rains are comming steady
must be nice. here we can't really plant before june 1 and fall plots should be in aug 1 but that doesn't mean they won't get covered in the first week of nov by snow.
if i can catch a rain from the tropical would be did snow here last year.. but didnt stay long
had to go back today and replant 2 small plots...both were planted with white tail clover..just dident make it ...rain just wasen,t right...light scratch with our 4 wheeler hare, and slow ride with fence drag should do it...all other fall plots are good..
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