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deer went bye bye...

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The deer that I jumped a week and a half ago. They were about 60 yards away from a dirt trail with several footsteps going both ways down the trail the trail was completely covered with tracks. I went out to hunt the same area and saw nothing I was near where I saw them but didnt see or hear anything. The trail that had all the tracks is now doesn't have one. Also a week and a half ago the forest floor was bare of acorns but now they are every where. Did me chasing these deer around this patch of wood back and forth a couple times spook them for good? My dad saw a doe crossing a road a mile from the woods at was about 10 at night and she was moving to the side of the road where I saw does. Do you think that this doe was one of the one's I saw? and do you think they have left for good?

About 100 yards from where the heavily used trail is I saw a few tracks heading into woods from another dirt trail. but the tracks arent regular at all. Im not very persuaded to hunt these tracks because they arent used often. should I keep hunting the area they appeared to have vanished, or the new tracks or where one was seen crossing the road? I know thats a lot of questions but if you can answer one or all it would be awsme thanks.
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I would try another spot if you have another available. You never know what you might find. This time of year the deer movement is less predictable than earlier or later in the season. Chasing deer around will never encourage consistent daytime activity though...try to avoid letting them know you are there.
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