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I just read about how some people wash their hunting clothes in a UV blocker detergent. The article said deer see in a ultraviolet way and your camo appears blue and almost glows in the dark at dusk. Do any of you do this? Do you think it has helped? me and my dad and brothers have hunted for years and have never used this stuff but it makes me wonder have i missed alot of deer over the years because of this. please let me know your comments.
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I bought some of this stuff about 2 years ago but I haven't even used it yet.
haha i was getting paranoid when i read the article. i tried to look up some of that UV detergent stuff on and i couldnt find any. i think just breaking up your pattern and being still is the key. let me know if you use that stuff man. thanks for the comment.
many of the hunter's clothes wash detergent do not include UV brightners,. Tide, cheer, most name brand detergents have UV brightners to make the clothes apprear.... bright, something we don't want the camo to have,
I'm not one to know either, but I wonder what kind of percentage of hunting clothes have this problem, whether it's by brand/price/material I dont know but I think I have bigger things to worry about like my scent first.
thanks for the comments. and thanks wisconsindeer for the link.
I always wash my clothes jackets what ever i hunt in some type of
hunters laundry detergent ...No scent no brighteners
2nd that delbert
i use it uv killer i don't no if it works but every littlie bit helps
A good way to see the difference is to look at your hunting clothes under a black light. If they glow, UV killer will stop that. I use it all the time or well the hunters laundry detergent. Mostly for the ecent control. Don't ever wash your hunting clothes in Cheer, or Tide, stuff like that all have the UV brighteners, supposedly it will make them glow. Still as you said, the best camo is large contrasting patches and being still.
I searched for a good video that shows the effects of UV-GLOW, and this is the Video I found, the UV Light Performance. the performers are wearing costumes that have "NOT" been treated with any sort of UV killer and this is how Deer see in the Ultraviolet light range.
I just found another AWESOME video right at the website. Atsko manufactures many products including laundry detergents that take care of the UV problem.

ATSKO Video Page
Excellent video Bruce. Exactly what I'm takin about.
That's the kind of info hunters really need to know, thanks BB.
thanks guys. all this info has helped me alot. i will start by using a blacklight and then, if needed, i will use the wash! stay safe and happy hunting all!!!
just got back from Bass Pro, they don't carry any UV sprays only laundry detergents.
I wrote an article on this very subject for the DeerHuntersClub If anyones interested in reading that article you can find it here,
How Whitetail Deer See Us, The Hunter In The Woods

Good Luck and Happy Hunting!
spot on BB with your article :thumbup: . Need to get the uv product to stores.
just got back from bass pro, they don't carry any uv sprays only laundry detergents.
thanks brother. I was gonna go there and you saved me a trip!
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