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Deer Video..... VIDEO CONTEST !!!!

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When we posted the other video's, we received a ton of email looking for tips on how to field dress a deer. We put something together to share with those that are not lucky enough to have someone in the field to show them. I have seen a bunch of different ways to do it, this is just how we do it (no better than anyone else....). We tried to keep it from being to graphic and not scare/gross out any future hunters away.... check it out, let us know what you think,,,,,,,

YouTube - Tips on how to field dress (gut) a deer.... VIDEO CONTEST! Ep: 4

In case you missed previous shows, you can do a search on youtube - working man's hunter or channel CCarr316

YouTube - Working Man's Hunter - Ep 3 Pa Archery - DOE DOWN

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I'm not into these self you tube things, but to each their own. :wacko: Don't cut the scent glands off first as you put the nasty stuff in contact with good meat. I always start at the breast bone and work the knife down. I don't do any sawing because I don't like the smell of bone dust, and it isn't necessary. If its really hot out and you can't get it cut up quickly, pack ice in the chest cavity. Whether these posts are things the members even want to see heck I don't know, most are very basic and some are down right silly. Maybe the DHC should do (approved) videos and delete all the rest. I know I am scud on this one, they just don't do much for me. How about everyone sounding off on the you tube thing! Lets hear you pro/con. I'm not an electronic/filming kind of guy and maybe a little neanderthal on this. If they help the novice maybe there is some educational benefits? I think they just rub me the wrong way especially when there are, solely in my personal judgement, basic errors in the instructions/procedures. Fire away, I can take it! :nerd: Maybe its just a bad day. I didn't get the Win 88 last night.:crybaby:sorry for the slamming/venting.
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Not the way we do it either. He takes too much time doin things that are better done in the shed when I hang the deer. That long knife is a good way to slit your wrist :biggrin:. To each his own I reckon.

Sorry you didn't get the gun HM......
I think your intentions to make a, "how to field dress a deer video" was a good idea but there are already several similar videos available on youtube.

My advice for any future videos from you would be to check out youtube to see whats already available and go from there,,,,
Also keep in mind you're looking to improve on the videos that are already available not just add more making it confusing to sort through.

Good Luck
to each their own.....

Hey - fire away - I have thick skin......

I did this video b/c it was the most requested via emails and blogs sent to me. Everybody has their own way of doing it. You have a better way - that is great!

I understand there are a lot of video's out there that show how to do it, a bunch of different ways to do it. I don't say my way was the best, but I don't slam others for how they do it either.

Sorry you didn't get your gun.......
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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