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Deer Tattoo

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Phillip wanted a Tattoo for his birthday well after much consideration he got his wish, His mom and I let him get the Tattoo.
He chose to get a Tattoo of his first Deer, the 4 Pointer. here are a couple pics... I'll post another after it's healed, it's just finished in this pic.

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neat. i want one of my short hair but i HATE and I mean HATE needles. i can give shots and start IV's but the thought of a needle under MY skin makes me ....... baulk
Looks like your tat man did a good job on the color and matching it up well. Looks good.

Cmon ronn, phillips like 16 and he took it. Your a man!!! :biggrin: Just kidding. Everyone has their phobes. I wouldn't let someone poke me with a needle either. Where gonna have to create a "whats your phobia thread"
Thanks guys. I think the Artist that we chose did a great job.
Phillip went to Independent Ink Works in Burlington Vermont and I would encourage anyone in this area looking to get a Tattoo
to definately go there.
It sure is the cleanest shop in the area and when you consider the risks of infection,
the last thing you want to see is a dirty/bacteria infested tattoo shop...
Hey ronn, I don't care much for needles either but I still have a couple of tats.
gotta stick with ronn on this one ,i dont like to see them comming at daughter got a tat 7 or 8 years ago burned me up
Nice tattoo!!they did an excellent job!! I also have a couple and plan on getting more!!!.i have a very large one on my back and on e on my right arm.i'll post some pics of mine.
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If someone tells you it didn't hurt they are lying lol.i had someonetell me once well that didn't hurt i told them they are full of s... Its like getting stug by bees many times.then the burning like a bad sunburn.but its all worth it in the long only a days worth of pain for a life time of enjoyment.and you can take it with you when you die lol.
yup thats some nice art work right there and only 5 1/2 hours..
I'm bout ready to make the appointment for myself for my own deer Tat...
It just isn't cool to let the "MISSES" see a bunch of cash lay-outs all at once,,
it's better to take some time and just let it all flow out gradually :lol:
It really is the American way... :w00t:
i got one when i was younger that was enough for me i 'd rather spend the money on a new rifle or bow:whistling:
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