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Hey fellas... I'm going to post this again this year as some of you all emailed me last year and wanted my plans for a wooden tree stand. I've built two of these and both are 12' tall and very sturdy. In my eyes, they will last just as long as those other ladder stands on the market. Eventually these will rot and be no good, just like the metal ones will rust and be no good. In fact, if you leaving your metal stands up all year round, the wood may last longer since it's treated.
Anyways, email me if you want the plans to them. No cost, I tried selling them on ebay for $5 a pop and only sold 2. haha! Decided to give them away instead. They are not drawn to scale, but if you've every built anything they should be easy to follow. You can make the wooden ladder stand as tall as you want, just be sure to build it the correct way and use the proper materials. I had carriage bolts and rachet straps already so that itself saved me like $20. I recommend buying carriage bolts at a store where they sell them by the pound. Home Depot and Lowe's and all those big stores will sell them individually. You can get 10 carriage bolts for the price of one at HD or Lowe's! Check your local hardware store.
My e-mail is [email protected] Give me a hollar and I'll e-mail you the plans as soon as I can.

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