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While skinning a deer, usually some hair gets on the carcass. Here's a tip that an old meat cutter showed me about 40+ years ago: After you have skinned the deer, reach into its mouth and cut its tongue off as far back as you can get your knife. Then use the tongue to wipe off any hairs that are on the meat. The surface of a deer tongue is somewaht like that of a cat; it's smooth in one direction, rough in the other direction, so it will do a good job of picking up the hairs. After a few passes, use your knife blade to scrape the hairs off the tongue by wiping it in the opposite direction from the rough surface. Then repeat the process until all the hairs have been removed. This may not work as fast as a burner which singes off the hair, but it works!
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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