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Hey fellas, in the dog days of summer I need to get some whitetails on the tv... any recommendations on newer deer hunting dvds? I have been a fan of Realtree's Monster Bucks in the past, just beacuse of the numerous hunts they put on, and becuase I got one for free when I purchased a Summit Viper 2 years ago.

Any suggestions? Thanks!
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I came across some new hunting dvds on Cabelas. Many of them are on sale right now to get ready for the new season. The Primos and Realtree dvds look pretty sweet! Huge bucks!
Here is the link- Cabelas.
Try The ecrets of Hunting Whitetail Deer with john L. Sloan. You can get it from Stoney Wolf Productions :wink:
i like realtree roadtrips. i think michael waddel is a great host
i think the drury outdoors videos are hard to beat man. ive got every dvd they made the past 4 years. they tell stories really well and include every aspect of the hunt, especially in the Whitetail Madness line.
thanks for the suggestions.... will look into those.
how to decide which of these drury videos are the best... they all look pretty sweet. i was leaning toward WM 13 but then that Fair Chase 11 w/ baby G looks intense.... i'll prolly snag those 2 or that Dream Season 13. whataya think?
Fair Chase 11 is gooooood. there's not as many hunts as maybe the others but baby G is a giant and the deer mr. lindsey misses is even bigger yet. if you wanna see big deer, thats the way to go. also, whitetail madness 11 and dream season 11 have some good kills too.
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