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I could tell a few stories about some of the camps I have been a part of. Deer camps have changed a little over the years. Back in the old days deer were only back in the most remote areas of the state. We would leave for camp after work on Friday, drive 2-3 hours on the paved road then 4X4 for another 1-2 hours then have to set up tent camp. We would hit the bed after midnight and then be up at 4:00 to hike back on the mountain to hunt.

The weather always seemed miserable, Rain gear was army surplus poncho, warm gear was long johns and flannel and green army surplus jacket, scent control was..... well there wasn't any.

It could be the 100 year drought all year and I could guarantee it would be a frog choking, gully washing, monsoon down pour on opening weekend.

Now days I could hunt off my back porch, which the wife ask why I don't, why do I have to pay the club fees I pay and travel so far away to hunt when I could walk out the back door? She doesn't understand it's just not the same to me.

Why that is would probably make another thread but that's the way it is. Where I used to have a whole bunch of buddies that would hunt they are few and far between now. I am a member of a club that allows permanent camp sites which is very nice. There's a good group of guys that still love the deer camp. I can always count on good fire and lots of lies being told. :)

Life is good.
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