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Deer Blowing Often.

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I was in my stand this afternoon and i was going to try and video me shooting my first deer with a compound. i saw 3 deer in all and 2 of them blew!!!:wallbash: i had been fishing all day so i'm sure i smelled Like a couple buckets of sweat. after that i bought scent away detergent,spray, and soap. they arn't blowing tomorrow.
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Sounds like you need to take a good look at your treestands and try to determine where the deer will be coming from when you sit there. The best strategy for avoiding deer smelling you is to sit downwind from the deer. Of course the deer seem to figure this strategy in reverse and travel into the wind as often as they can, so you have to be a little tricky with stand placement. Almost all of my stands can only be hunted with specific wind directions and either in the am or pm. scout your area and know the prevailing winds. If you can figure out where the deer will be it is just a matter of stand placemet and waiting for the perfect wind. Scent killer is neat stuff that somewhat works, but I have found that it takes a lot more effort to mask/eliminate your scent than it does to just play the wind. Good luck this season and welcome to DHC.
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during the rut I see bucks 1/4ering the wind a lot too.
I'd definitely say that if deer are blowing consistently as you're in your stand, you have an odor problem (now, don't take that personal! :rolleyes:) Most places I put stands are travel corridors or funnels. Because you never really know what direction deer are going to approach from (especially during the pre rut and rut) I do not worry about wind direction. I do worry, all the time, about scent control, however.

This morning I hunted a stand that's normally an excellent location. Seven deer seen, including two (small) bucks. At one time or another deer were all around this stand (ladder stand, 15') and no deer showed signs of scenting me. Deer at 20 yards to my front and two more passed 5 yards to the rear of my stand. When deer are that close, I'll even try to pull my scent-lok hoodie over my mouth to try and hide my stinky breath too.

Everyone has their own methods and planning sequences. But, I truly believe they can all benefit from extra care taken in the "stink" department though. I never wear clothes to deer hunt, that have been worn elsewhere, except en-route to hunt. And, I always fear getting busted in a stand, as I believe deer have a good sense for remembering that, at least sometimes.

Of course, we all know of people and times when planning for a hunt was flawed, but the outcome was still great. You just never know for sure, one of the great things about hunting. As I've said, I simply think it's a good thing to hedge our bets and take care of things we can control. Unfortunately, the wind ain't one of those. :ranting:
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