In the following article, I will explain several different whitetail deer attractants. In the highly competitive deer hunting world, landowners and hunters are looking for ways to maintain a healthy deer herd population. Deer attractants will help in keeping deer families from leaving your land to find better nutrients and habitat elsewhere. Maintaining an attractive piece of land to whitetail deer will contribute to your hunting success in future hunts.

Natural Food Plots
A food plot is a great way to building a healthy deer herd. Deer Food Plots Made Easy is a popular book available online, for anyone looking to start a food plot on their land. With a food plot you are helping provide key nutrients that are sometimes very difficult for deer to find in good supply. It takes a lot of time and effort on your part but will also help contribute to better hunting success. If you know where the deer are feeding on a daily basis then your scouting time should be greatly reduced. Survival is the #1 priority in a deer's daily routine and food is a major part of a deer's survival. If your budget allows, try to plant foods that will make your plot attractive year round. Corn, clover, soybeans, brassicas, alfalfa and winter wheat are all good choices for deer food plots.

Salt Licks and Mineral Blocks
A salt/mineral lick will help promote muscle and bone growth. During the spring when various wildlife are searching for these nutrients you can very easily and inexpensively give them the nutrition their bodies are searching for. A salt/mineral lick will help provide calcium, iron, zinc, phosphorous and other minerals their bodies need. There are 2 simple ways to create a salt/mineral lick. If you are using loose salt, remove limbs, leaves, etc away from soil. Pour loose salt over soil. Mix salt with soil using a stick or some other type of broken limb. When using a block, dig a hole that is big enough to fit the block into. Drop block in hole. Cover the block with loose soil and pray for rain. When it rains the salt will dissolve into surrounding soil.

Automatic feeders are also a good way to keep deer herds healthy and close by. A feeder that broadcasts your food is a much healthier option than simply pouring out your feed on the ground. Deer diseases such as CWD are often spread from deer eating out of the same food piles. Deer eating out of the same food spot will spread their saliva and various germs to other deer. With a feeder that spreads you are reducing the chances of having these diseases spread. An automatic feeder also provides a good location for a trail camera. It will be a highly visited area by various wildlife and will give you some great photos of the animals that live in your hunting areas. Check your state regulations before using automatic feeders. In some states it is illegal to hunt deer over areas where you use automatic feeders.

Liquid Formulas/Gels and Food Flavored Blocks
These attractants are very similar to salt licks but also add a little aroma to their attractiveness. These products have some of the minerals deer are searching for with a little food flavor added. With a liquid or gel you simply clear an area of debris and pour your attractant on the ground. The ground will soak up the minerals and flavor and thus create an attractive, aroma enhanced piece of ground for whitetail deer. Food flavored blocks are done the same way. You can get these tasty deer treats in a variety of flavors. Acorn, corn, apple and wild berries are just a few of your options when creating a food flavored mineral lick.
When searching for a place to create your salt and mineral licks look for old stumps. These provide great spots to put your salt and liquid formulas.