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Deer and Pears

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Anyone ever experimented with feeding pears to deer? I know they love apples, but our apples aren't doing so hot this year but our pears are. I picked a bussel of them and I think I'm going to set them out in front of a trail cam to see if they'll eat them. Just curious if anyone has tried them before???
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If it's fruit they'll eat it. :thumbup:
If it's fruit they'll eat it. :thumbup:
I'm in agreement, as long as it's not citrus fruit!! :thumbup:
i think it may depend on the type of pear it is....i've tried some of the smaller pears and they didn't eat them.
I would say they will love it. I know the dog gone things are eating my water mellons and corn out of the garden. I wish they would eat the squash, I have put up all I can everybody I know has put up all they can and it is still coming on.
they'll hollow out pumpkins, love frozen potatoes, cabbage heads, maple leaves are a favorite.
well I don't have any pics yet, i just set them out two days ago. I think I'll give it a week or so. I also tried some Deer Cocaine (Deer Cane)... comes in a white gallong jug with black and red writing. Anyone use this stuff? a guy I work with swears by it. It's about $9 a gal which is better than $16 for my beloved trophy rock! Still not seeing alot out there, mostly does and fawns. Still haven't seen any buck worth even showing off for future hunts! Told my wife last night that this season will be one of two things: 1. since i'm not seeing any bucks at all, I'll just get a bunch of does harvested, or 2. since i'm not seeing any bucks, i'll get the ultimate MONSTER that I don't have any pics of....
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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