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deer and chess

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After all it is a game isn't it. high stakes maybe, but a game of instinct, technology, god given senses, tenacity, endurance, and stubbornness.
last season I attempted to hunt from a ground blind on short notice. That didn't work well for that hunt, but what it taught me my very well have significance in my further success this season. the deer were not fooled and tried to avoid the vicinity of the blind by giving it a wide birth. This season I noticed first earlier and confirmed later the deer have adopted some new trails and entry exit points of the woods. I cannot hunt a mutually favorable location to get a shot at each and as a matter of fact, I am pretty much stuck were I am. admittedly, stuck is a bad choice of words, I got a great location. there are 3 major entry/exit points used right now. My thought is to place one of those burlap camo blinds close to the area I want the deer to avoid and thereby forcing them to utilize the trail system I am guarding. It looks very plausable and would virtually force all venison right past my stand.

Has anyone had similar situations and what was your remedy?
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For me the best/most fun hunting is the rut during archery season. Sometimes I win, a lot of times the bucks win, wouldn't have it any other way. I leave next Thursday for PA archery hunt. We'll hunt 7 total days. I hope the ticks don't get me!:surprised:
I haven't seen one tick all year. Good luck on your trip.
Deer Chess

I hunt on the ground with a rifle.My version of a tree stand is to get on a lip of a ravine with deer trails in it.I'm shooting down into a good backstop.You still have to watch the wind to determine which side to sit on.Also rising or falling thermals on most days.
Chess in the woods

Here is a story of chess in the woods.This was my hunt in 1981.I scouted a 100 yd wide strip of brush above a meadow on a mountainside.Above the brush was open hardwoods to the top of the mountain.There was a network of trails in the brush.I found an intersection that was visible from the open woods.I found a log to hide behind and cleared the debris so I would be able to move quietly.I went in on opening morning in the dark by flashlight.I waited for daylight.About 8:00 some deer moved in from the west.They were on another trail deeper in the brush and I could just see some flashes of brown.They bedded down below me. I sat there for about 2 hours.It was so quiet I thought they slipped away.Then some hunters started talking off to the west.The deer got up and moved off.I saw a flash of antler and decided to try to intercept them.I slipped over to a log on the lip of a ravine 100yds away.I could hear them coming.Two doe ran up the opposite slope.Then a buck stopped halfway up.His shoulder was behind a tree.I held close to the tree and took him through the lungs.7 pt.
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