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well to add a little more to the story.. I don't believe the rut is happening right now. We are in the chase phase here in Ohio. The bucks are starting to chase a little bit but no estrus. And i'm hunting a certain buck in his territory. He has consistantly been coming out in the evenings around 5:00pm. I have always been too far from him to take him with my bow. I am hunting from the ground also. Last week I rattled around 6:00pm and I heard a Snort/wheeze from the edge of the woods. He probably kept weezing for about 2-3minutes. a lot longer then a usual spook of a deer. this deer sounded pissed off.
I'm in Ohio also and have noticed that the action aint quite there yet either. I just used my decoy for the first time this morning without any luck. I'm a bit hesitant to do any 'real' rattling yet because I'm worried I may spook them..I don't know, maybe I'm wrong??

Good luck and keep us posted on how you're doing! I'm going back out in the morning so I'll do the same.

If you see any 'action' going on let me know...since I'm in Ohio also:wink:
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