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december pics

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some random pics from this month.
thought it looked kinda cool..

can't remember if i've posted this pic before, but we where driving down the road one day and spotted this tree with a pair of shades on. I have no idea who did it lol but we had a good laugh over it

bobcat. need to take them out. but i gotta say they are really cool to look at and watch

little calf that we had to bottle...seems like the cows have to have their calves in the worst weather possible....was below freezing most of the night and a very steady misting rain for a few days, even tried snowing a lil while...poor thing didn't make it though, but we tried. :(
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nice buck i saw going out to our place.

Big 6 point i was hoping my uncle would get this past weekend while he was down...but no luck
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still cannot belive i got the droptine

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Pic after pic you ALWAYS get the best ones!!!!! Poor calf, well you did the best that you could for it. Hey now you got the "droptine" in "East Texas".... Thus, ETD.
whoops, sorry Timber didn't mean to go on ur post....but i never thought about the droptine in East Texas, ETD, haha cool
lol yeah i meant to hit "Quote" instead of "Edit"
awesome pics, the ET_droptine name is locked in solid now. :thumbup:
again great pictures, I really like the last one with the way the light is. Nice country scene.
You have the best pics ... Every time really enjoy them
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