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Dead, dying, or allive to be hunted again?

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Two days ago I shot a buck. Stand about 20' higher than deer, about 12 yards away. Found my arrow 30 yds down the path, bright red and frothy. Lost the blood trail; it petered out 300 yards or so out. Saw him (I'm pretty sure it was him) yesterday. After a 10 minute staring match, he ambled off like a 12 year old deer, favoring his front half (not just one side).
Ya'll think its dead, dying, or healing?:confused:
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no way to tell with out seeing the arrow, the blood trail, and the 2 deer. keep your eyes and nose open you may find the answer or you may not.
long version

I didn't want to ramble, but heres the elongated story with more details I posted on another site with no replies:

Night before last I arrowed a good size buck approx. 12 yards away, broadside. My stand is about 18 feet higher than the ground where the buck was. 10 minutes of shooting light left and I gotta work at 6am the next day. He jumped and did an abrubt about face and then hauled butt away down a trail. Lack of light and time, I gave him about ten minutes, then got down. No blood or arrow immediately, but found the arrow down the trail about thirty yards. Blood from broadhead to nock, bright red and bubbly on fletchings. Broadheads a 100gr Muzzy three blade. One of the blades is dinged up. Blood trail started shortly after found arrow. Followed blood trail (in dark with only a MiniMag light). Decent blood trail. Lost it three times. Last time I lost it was 200 yds away, but winding and curving. Pretty thin blood trail at last part. Gave up three hours later. Misted and rained that night/next morning. Since I had to work til 4pm, only had an hour of daylight next day (yesterday). Spotted him about 150 yards from last blood spotting the night before. Still alive!! We stared at each other for about ten minutes, while two little six-pointers worked their way downwind of me to check me out. He finally ambled off. The reason I'm pretty sure its the same buck I shot is because of the way he moved off. I wouldn't call it a hobble; that implies one leg. He seemed to favor his whole front half and moved very slowly, not looking back towards me. I figure I only got one lung and the mangled blade is from bone (spine? shoulder blade?). I'll go back when I can, but that might not be until day after tomorrow. Sorry so long, wanted to put all the details...
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I can relate a similar story this year as i simply blew an easy dink shot and hit the left shoulder with a rage 3 blade and got no penetration. I would guess as you already have the frothy blood would indicate a lung hit. You didn't say if you had an exit hole but I would surmise there wasn't any. Seems like with-in that 150 yds the wound clots and then no blood without an exit hole to drain the blood. I tried the rage this year and given the poor shot it's probably not fair to judge them but I think the muzzy would have done its job. You should be able to determine the inches of arrow penetration based on the broken shaft and then determine the probable vitals hit. I would give the area a good looking as he's probably going down for the count with a single lung hit it just will take longer. Pink frothy blood lung, medium red muscle, dark red liver hit, thats what I look for after the hit then make a time determination on looking for the animal. If the lung is hit, when trailing the blood, look for blood in front of the side blood trail and centered, indicating blood from the nostrils.
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Yeah, forgot to mention that about the arrow. The last ten inches, including the fletch and nock, had more blood than the rest; there was a definite line. I figure it was sticking out all bu that far, and when he went through the trail with a bunch of salt cedars trees, it came the rest of the way out. Been out twice since last post and still nothing. I figure I'd at least see some birds circling or remnants from coyotes or something...
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