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dead deer? live turkey?

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I went out scouting a nearby marsh and while scouting I saw a dead deer carcass. Shall I look closer to the place for potential blind sight (as the deceased one ran there while pressured), or should I step away from it?

And also, I on my way out I saw 2 turkeys, one was hiding from me and I got to 1 yard to it before he ran away (I wasn't hunting, so I let it go) and another was 15 yrds or so. I heard good turkey places attract deer too. So, shall I try to set up a blind there?
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a dead deers location tells you nothing about why it was there. it doesn't necessarily indicate a good hunting spot but it may be worth scouting to see what the other deer are like in the general area.... Good Luck
Yeah im with Bruce on this one. The dead deer want tell you anything about this spot. It could even be a deer someone shot, dressed and butchered and just threw the carcass in that spot you seen. (we have some of that go on in my neck of the woods) To many different reasons why that deer would be there.

Scout it and see what evidence of deer activity you can find.
Deer trails, deer tracks, old rubs. Tree stands and human red tape trails too.
Local biologist said there're some deer (but not too much) and lots of hunters in the area. So, I shall really scout it well and deep, in order to beat the crowd.
Something is making those trails and rubs. Locate the food sources and the trails leading to and from. Pick an ambush spot and hunt it when the pressure is low. I assume the majority of hunters are in there in gun season? During gun season I'd do the same thing you are thinking go in where the others will push the deer in deeper and thicker parts of the property. Remember to use natural funnels like swamps, creeks, ridges anything that naturally has the deer using a small area for movement.
What about the turkey? I read before that deer and turkey frequent the same kind of places. Is the place where I saw 2 turkeys a good candidate for a deer blind spot?
Deer and turkeys do inhabit the same areas, but both are hunted differently. Maybe ronn or others can lend you a hand on the turkey hunting. You really need to spend woods time to locate the fall trails and food sources. Deer are pretty routine creatures so once you locate a pattern movement you can set up on one of those trails. Look for oak trees, other nut trees, ect. Don't hunt directly on a ridge top, 3/4 of the way up should be ok. Wind direction and scent control are your biggest concerns once you locate the deer.
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