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i just heard shes gonna be racing nascar this year for godaddy team
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i might have to start watching winstoncup again.
She's not gonna be racing in the cup this year. She racing part time in the Nationwide series for Jr. Motorsports driving the GoDaddy Chevy.
i saw her in the 88 i thought it was nationwide,gonna make saturdays race more interesting,now if we can only get rid of kyle :crybaby:busch:crybaby:
oh i heard that, oooof, I dont think so lol
I'm not into the racing thing. Its like watching golf,tennis, to me. I've seen her go daddy comercials but just doesn't interest me. I'm sure she draws money and fans to the sport though.:yes:
i agree with the kyle crybaby busch thing. cant stand that guy. i race karts and we have kid out there that i race with that is just like him. makes me want to hit somebody.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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